Sunday Lindy Hop Practice

Our weekly free practice session for Lindy Hoppers and swing dancers. Sometimes cancelled for special events. 3-5pm on Sundays. Be there. It costs nothing. We do it because we love. If you've never danced before, you are more than welcome to come and check it out, but we recommend you hit up one of the drop in lessons on Mondays or Fridays first.


Funk Party w/Peaky Blinders and Dat Feel Good

An extremely special event here at the Mobtown Ballroom, a funk evening with the Cheeky Blinders and Dat Feel Good. Doors are at 8. Tickets $10 presale or $12/$10 students at the door.

Monday Night Swing Dance

Come at 8 for a drop-in beginner lesson ($5). Dancing begins at 9 ($5). The bar opens at 7:30. Monday is the most welcoming and engaging night for beginner dancers, and, like everything we do here, it's exceedingly fun.

Falty and the Defects Live!

The Band formerly known as Soviet Space Dog has undergone a coup and is now resurrected as Falty and the Defects. The same nasty group you know and love now headed up by Mike Faltasek. Friday nights with live music are the best nights to dress up, have some drinks, and dance exceedingly hard. Drop in beginner lesson at 8, dance at 9. $15/$10 for students. Boom.

Friday Night Swing

The dance formerly known as the Baltimore Strut. Friday night swing and Lindy Hop has become a Mobtown institution. Packed, zany, and intense, we go whole hog on Friday nights--now featuring a full bar! (bar at 7:30, drop in lesson at 8; dance at 9). Later in the evening we rock a little soul music. $10 for the whole shebang; $7 dance only.

Circus Mobility

Saturday February 11th Circus Mobility: An Active Flexibility Workshop 12-2pm