Friday Night Swing

The dance formerly known as the Baltimore Strut. Friday night swing and Lindy Hop has become a Mobtown institution. Packed, zany, and intense, we go whole hog on Friday nights--now featuring a full bar! (bar at 7:30, drop in lesson at 8; dance at 9). Later in the evening we rock a little soul music. $10 for the lesson (dance included) or $10 for the dance without the lesson.

Mobtown 6-Year Anniversary with the Craig Gildner Big Band

We are pulling out all of the stops for the 6-year anniversary edition of Friday Night Swing. The Craig Gildner Big Band (of Lindy 500 fame) will start playing monster tunes at 9pm and keep you dancing til late. When the band finishes, we'll stay open until 2am with a mix of swing, soul, and blues music. Drop in beginner lesson at 8, dance at 9. $20/$15students.

Monday Night Swing Dance

Come at 8 for a drop-in beginner lesson ($10, with free dance after). Dancing begins at 9 ($7 dance only). The bar opens at 7:30. Monday is the most welcoming and engaging night for beginner dancers, and, like everything we do here, it's exceedingly fun.

Partner Acro Workshop

Teamwork makes the dream work! The goal of this workshop is to teach you (and a friend) how to perform basic partner balancing skills including: standing poses, arm inversions and some dynamic flipping/tumbling elements.

Handstand Foundation Workshop

Get upside down and stay upside down – the goal of this workshop is to teach you what a “balanced” handstand really feels like!

Mobtown Strutter's Ball - Tongue in Cheek Album Release