Hot Club of Baltimore Live!

Our inimitable Friday night swing dance once again hosts the Hot Club of Baltimore. The bar opens at 7:30, drop in beginner lesson at 8, dance at 9. Friday nights here are an institution, and we like to get weird. Dress to impress. $15/$10 students.

Monday Night Swing Dance

Come at 8 for a drop-in beginner lesson ($5). Dancing begins at 9 ($5). The bar opens at 7:30. Monday is the most welcoming and engaging night for beginner dancers, and, like everything we do here, it's exceedingly fun.

Solo Jazz Workshop with Falty

The legendary Michael Faltesek is back for a full evening of solo jazz classes on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Last time he blew everyone's mind with a number of choreographies, this time he's going to hone in on solo jazz vocabulary and improvisation. $35 7:30-10:30pm.

Sarah Sullivan and the New Old Fashioneds Live

After a few months break, Mobtown's own Sarah Sullivan and the New Old Fashioneds will return rejuvenated and ready to burn down the Ballroom. As usual, the bar will be open, the air will be on, and the music will be fun. Drop in lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm. $15/$10 with student ID.

Pikesville Rye Whiskey Free Funeral

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear friend, workhorse, companion, lover, and no-account villain Pikesville Rye Whiskey. The whiskey that has defined rails in Baltimore for decades is no more, and we intend to gather on Dec 17th for a celebration of its life. This event is free. There will be testimonials, music, and general celebration. Our remaining four cases of Pikesville Rye will be consumed by you, the fine folks of the Mobtown Ballroom, in the spirit of degenerate fun that characterized our departed friend. Cocktail specials, etc. 8pm-1am ATTIRE: BLACK. BEST MOURNING ATTIRE HAS THEIR DRINKS ON US.

Friday Night Swing

The dance formerly known as the Baltimore Strut. Friday night swing and Lindy Hop has become a Mobtown institution. Packed, zany, and intense, we go whole hog on Friday nights--now featuring a full bar! (bar at 7:30, drop in lesson at 8; dance at 9). Later in the evening we rock a little soul music. $10 for the whole shebang; $7 dance only.

New Year's Eve at Mobtown

For the second year running we are going to throw the single best Baltimore party on NYE. We've got live music. We've got performances. We've got DJs. We've got a free champagne toast. Get your tickets now, as we sold out weeks ahead of time last year. Wham.

Sunday Lindy Hop Practice

Our weekly free practice session for Lindy Hoppers and swing dancers. Sometimes cancelled for special events. 3-5pm on Sundays. Be there. It costs nothing. We do it because we love. If you've never danced before, you are more than welcome to come and check it out, but we recommend you hit up one of the drop in lessons on Mondays or Fridays first.