Lindy 500 and the Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships

Baltimore's biggest Lindy Hop event, Lindy 500 is a weekend of live music the Craig Gildner Big Band, workshops, and the first annual Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships. This event sells out every year, so don't miss your chance at attending. Pre-register for the entire event online, or pay $25 each night at the door. Friday night: beginner lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm. Saturday night: doors at 8pm, dance at 9pm.


Craig Gildner Big Band Live for Friday Night Swing

For Lindy 500--our annual celebration of Lindy Hop, Swing Music, and everything good--we are hauling out the big guns and blowing up our Friday night dance. This event is open to the public, so, at 8pm, we'll have a beginner drop in lesson. At 9, the 12-piece Craig Gildner Big Band will take the stage and keep you dancing to the wee hours. Get ready. $25

Craig Gildner Big band Live for Lindy 500 Saturday Night!

Saturday night, the swing and Lindy Hop mania continues. While this event is open to the public, there will be no beginner lesson. Big Band goes on at 9--contests and shenanigans throughout the night. $25

Monday Night Swing Dance

Come at 8 for a drop-in beginner lesson ($10, with free dance after). Dancing begins at 9 ($7 dance only). The bar opens at 7:30. Monday is the most welcoming and engaging night for beginner dancers, and, like everything we do here, it's exceedingly fun.

Friday Night Swing

The dance formerly known as the Baltimore Strut. Friday night swing and Lindy Hop has become a Mobtown institution. Packed, zany, and intense, we go whole hog on Friday nights--now featuring a full bar! (bar at 7:30, drop in lesson at 8; dance at 9). Later in the evening we rock a little soul music. $10 for the lesson (dance included) or $10 for the dance without the lesson.

Intro to Aerial Dance Workshop

Sunday, August 27th 5-7pm Come out for this one time only aerial dance experience! In this workshop you will get a chance to try the aerial fabrics, Lyra and Trapeze! We will explore how these apparatuses are used for fitness, fun and flight! Toss your fears aside and come join us. No experience is necessary to run away with the circus!

Dynamic Sling Workshop

Dynamic Sling Technique: Spins and Beats - Sept 3rd 5-7pm - $55 pp (max 8 students) In this workshop, you will learn to spin from the ground and the air in a variety of styles. We will also explore using momentum to get into conventional and novel sling skills. You will also get the chance to try these skills on four sling variations: sling, double loop sling, cloud sling, and strap loop! Students must be able to invert from the air.

Injury Prevention for Circus Arts

Injuries and weakness can impede your progression as an aerialist/acrobat so prevention and knowledge are ideal ways to keep you in the studio and inspired. Sunday September 17th 5-7pm $50