Yes, there is really a dance. Unless a Monday or Friday falls on New Years/New Years Eve, Christmas/Christmas Eve, or the night of an apocalyptic hurricane, we have a dance. Drop-in lesson at 8pm, dance at 9pm. Fridays: $10 (lesson included with the dance). Mondays: $5, or $7 with the lesson. If you still don’t believe there is a dance tonight, call (443) 699-3040 to check.
Before every dance we have a one-hour, super basic East Coast Swing lesson. We cover the same material every week and you don’t need to sign up for it. You do not need a partner; in fact, we always rotate partners. The point of a drop-in is to make everyone comfortable, get you having fun, introduce you to people, and give you enough dance moves to feel comfortable dancing around for the evening. If you are interested in taking progressive classes, we have six-week series. Look at the “classes” section of our website for more information.

Our dances are full of people of varying ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and dance skill levels. Some people come alone, and some come with friends. Everyone is welcome. Swing Dance is a social dance, so people change partners almost every song. Just show up, find a place to hang, and ask someone to dance. Introduce yourself, make conversation, and dance with them. When the song ends, say, "Thanks," and go find another person to dance with.

While our dances are a great place to meet people, it is not a pick-up joint. Hang out and introduce yourself, and don’t be creepy.

That was true. Our salsa dances are currently on hold.

Lindy Hop Classes

No! Lots of people come on their own. In class, we rotate partners so that you get to dance with everybody. This way you learn more quickly and don’t subject anyone to awkward fights with your significant other.
Unless your day-to- day attire includes platform heels or leather pants, you can wear your normal clothes to class. You should aim to be comfortable moving around. Wear shoes that won’t fall off, stick to the floor, or weigh 20 pounds.
Many people of the “two left feet” variety come through the Mobtown Ballroom. We recognize that people have all different reasons for learning to dance, and not everybody is looking to "go pro." Our instructors are very supportive, start with the basics, and ultimately don’t give a shit about anything other than you having a good time.
Yes! Just show up.
We front-load our Lindy Hop classes, meaning that while Lindy 1 is technically a "beginner" class, we cover a lot of material. We’ve found that each studio and venue has its own style and order in which they teach moves. Unless you feel 100% solid in swing outs, circles, six and eight-count Lindy Hop, and Charleston, we recommend that you start with Lindy 1. If it isn’t challenging enough you can always switch to Lindy 2.
Lindy Hop is a partner dance where one person leads and another follows. Don’t be fooled by the words "leader" and "follower;" each partner makes up 50% of the dance. Leaders tend to initiate moves and the followers respond by turning it into something awesome. Back in the heyday of swing dancing, society was not as enlightened as we are today. Women followed and men led. Today, we don’t care. People choose whichever they want, and often learn both. For classes, pick one role and stick with it for the whole class series.


Yes! The Ballroom is great for weddings, conferences, meetings, classes, and other events. Please look at our rental page for inquiries, or email michael@mobtownballroom.com.
Yes! Most of our rentals are weddings. Our space is beautiful, unique, and affordable.
Due to our location in a residential neighborhood, alcohol restrictions, our precious hardwood floor, and a number of other obstacles, we no longer allow promoters to host parties at the ballroom.
Our rules on these kinds of events vary. Please fill out a rental inquiry on our rentals page or email michael@mobtownballroom.com.
If you charge admission for your event, you are responsible for paying Maryland Admission Tax, which is 10% off the top of all admission fees.
No. We have a sink, a small area behind a bar, and a refrigerator that can be used for an extra fee.
Yes. We recommend that you tell your caterer that we do not have a kitchen, and have them come visit the space in advance. We have caterers that we can recommend if you are looking for caterers that are familiar with our space.

Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Wheel

Good question! Check out these videos of our instructor. Don’t let them scare you; Kelly Jo has been doing this for a long, long time. Our classes start at the very beginning.
Wear clothes that are comfortable, form fitting, stretchy, and won’t get tangled in your limbs.
Have no fear! Our silk, lyra, and wheel classes are not only about learning the silks, lyra, or wheel; they are also about learning how to condition your body and build strength. No one walks into her or his first class prepared to jump right in, and our instructor builds exercises and strength training into the curriculum. The fabric is incredibly strong and bolted into the most intensely solid beams around. So, there is no risk that you weigh too much.

Belly Dance

Wear clothing that is comfortable and shows your body movements. Yoga pants and a tank top/crop top are great. Most people don’t wear shoes.
NO! We encourage people of all body types to take our classes. Our instructor is encouraging and inclusive; we want the classes to support you feeling comfortable and confident in your body!
Most of our belly dance students are women, but men are allowed to take the classes with instructor permission. Email our instructor: dance@isabelly.com


Yes! We have a number of instructors that give private lessons. For more information, take a look "Private Lessons" under Classes, or email charlie@mobtownballroom.com