Corona Update: Lindy Hop Classes and Dances Cancelled

UPDATE: Open for Outdoor Seating

We have authorization from the greatest city in America for outdoor seating; we have tables, chairs, and barrels from the fine folks at Suspended Brewing across the street; we have an updated summer menu with drinks that will blow your mind; and we will be serving, for the first time, Suspended beer ON TAP as well as in bottles for on-premises consumption. This weekend, Thursday-Saturday, from 5-10 every day. Join us for a drink and, if we get our act together some cocktails to go.

We will not be doing reservations, but you can call (443) 699-3040 and we will tell you if there is seating available.

Fine print: We take safety extremely seriously. There will be hand-sanitizer stations outside and inside the ballroom in front of the restrooms. Please wear your mask except when actively drinking or eating (bring your own food totally allowed). Tables will be six feet apart or more. Staff will be masked and servers will take care of you outside. Please do not come if you feel sick. We will be happy to take care of you some other time.

As before, all social dancing classes, practices, and events are cancelled until further notice. Circus classes are canceled until Phase 2 of Maryland's reopening plan.

We encourage you to use this time to investigate the history of black dances and to donate to the ongoing black-led work of our sister organization Guardian, which teaches and preserves the entire history of black dance: Black Lives Matter.

Dear Mobtown and friends,

We are extremely sad to say that all social dances and dance classes at the Mobtown Ballroom are indefinitely postponed effective immediately. Circus and aerial programming are postponed until March 28th. We do not want to contribute to an atmosphere of panic, and we are starkly aware of the economic dangers that mass closures can cause to nightlife industry and those of us who work in it. That said, we also know that partner dancing is a uniquely fertile environment for transmission of this disease, and we want to take that seriously.

We are seeking advice from public health professionals on the best way to safely open the bar in the evenings in the hopes that we can stay afloat longer and provide some non-dancing entertainment for our patrons and employment for our loyal jazz musicians.

Dance classes currently underway will resume when it is safe for us to reopen, and all payments for the upcoming class session will be honored at that time. We are going to adopt the near-universal language of the arts’ community now and say, please do not request a refund. Our bills don’t stop when our revenue dries up. Transfers are fine. We know that the dance community at the ballroom is a meaningful part of the lives of many of you—to some it is almost a second home. We ask for your patience right now as we continue to plan, and be assured that the moment this situation changes, you will all know.

We take our role as leaders in this community very seriously, and are working on ways to keep the Baltimore dance scene engaged and inspired during a period of social distancing. We continue to believe that--in an increasingly digitized, impersonal world—the connection and art that the ballroom offers is priceless. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the Ballroom is here for you when this is over.

With that in mind, we’d like those of you with jobs that allow you to work remotely, or that aren’t profoundly affected by this pandemic, to understand that the brunt of the necessary sacrifice will fall, as usual, on those least able to bear it. Your servers, your bussers, your bartenders, your musicians, your artists, and, yes, your friendly neighborhood ballroom owners, are already being wiped out by this, and, if they survive, will survive with nothing left. We hope that you will remember them, and, when possible, do what you can to help. The things that are considered dispensable in times like these are the very things that make life worth living in better ones.

We will stay in frequent contact, but for now we would just like to say that—in the near decade that our doors have been open—we have been honored by the trust you place in us and honored to be a unique, civilized, and human spot in the greatest city in America. We will see you soon.

--Sarah and Michael