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Choreo Workshop with Mary and Saira

As part of the Mobtown Ballroom’s winter interim between class sessions, we are bringing in Saira Brubaker and Mary Ludwig from Lancaster and Philly to teach a fun, energetic, and information-rich class on creating choreography (Lindy Hop and solo jazz). Saira and Mary taught a version of this class as a Fresh Blood workshop at Lindy 500 2019, and it was so popular that we have decided to extend the workshop to two hours and host them on a Wednesday evening.

Many of you have likely seen Mary and Saira perform their own pieces of choreography at the Ballroom over the past few years. Their workshop will give students tools to create, learn, and perform choreography with confidence. The first half will be focused on learning choreography; the second will be structured choreography creation. The pieces will be put together into one cohesive routine that will be performed at the Friday night dance on the 6th of December (performing is not required to take the class).

December 4th, 7:30-9:30pm $30 for the workshop $25 if you buy it at the same time that you sign up for the January class session (at the bar)