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Mobtown Ballroom 8-Year Anniversary!

October 18th and 19th features the Chelsea Reed 5-piece (Friday) and 9-piece (Saturday)--two incredible nights of dancing and jazz to celebrate one of the weirdest places in Baltimore.

The basics: We throw a lot crazy events here, and for our anniversary we've decided to blow the whole wad on an excellent band and two evenings of the finest dancing and drinking in Baltimore. While both nights will be open to the public and all are welcome, Friday night will be more of a classic Mobtown madhouse, and will include a drop-in beginner lesson at 8. Saturday, we will open the doors for an hour of toasts, stories, and memories at 8, with music and dancing at 9. We hope to make Saturday a night where our regulars can dance--with a little space--to a large band and also take a beat to appreciate the community that they've build here. Both nights, we intend to go late, late, late. Saturday, we request slightly more formal attire.


Friday, October 18. 7:30 Doors and bar open for drinks, DJed music, and good company. 8:00 Drop-in beginner lesson (no experience or partner required) 9:00 Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five First Set 9:50 DJed music, performance, shenanigans 10:00 Chelsea Reed Second Set 10:50 Shenanigans 11:10 Chelsea Reed Third Set 12:00-3am Late night dancing, hilarity

Saturday, October 19 (Dress to impress!) 7:30 Doors open 8:00 Mobtown toasts, cocktails, speeches, and team building (Do not miss this!) 9:00 Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather 9 First Set 9:50 Mobtown Ballroom Hall of Fame awards 10:10 Chelsea Reed Second Set 11:00 Mobtown Ballroom Team Building Contest 11:15 Chelsea Reed Third Set 12-3am Late night dancing, hilarity, madness