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80s Prom

Baltimore's baddest venue, the Mobtown Ballroom, is celebrating the 80s with one of America's most time-honored traditions: Prom. Great ready to celebrate the season with era-appropriate attire, mysterious punch bowls, and music by a band of total zeeks, the New Old Fashioneds. Bring a date, don't bring a date, or show what a bitchin' loner you are by dressing grody to the max, in protest.

April 27th at 8pm. 21+. Tickets are $25. This will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance.

A friendly note for our ever enthusiastic (and deeply loved) regulars, who so often have swing dance related pareidolia: this is not a swing dance. Jazz music will not be played, as no one danced to jazz music at prom in the 80s. Tickets will not be refunded on the basis of wishful thinking getting in the way of a reasonable interpretation of the title "80s prom."