Sundays April 7-28 (four week session)

Balboa is a dance that has a rich history and is known for fast footwork, floor-craft, and subtleties. Whether you are a Lindy Hopper looking to broaden your horizons, a brand new dancer, or something else, Balboa classes are for you. Check out what it looks like here:

This session overlaps with BAL-timore, Baltimore's biggest Balboa workshop weekend, and the session will be truncated to 4 classes. To find out more about BAL-timore, please visit:

BEGINNER 1: Sundays 5-6pm
Taught by Baltimore's Nicole Zonnenberg and Tim Fritz, this class will cover the basics of pure Balboa and Bal-swing.

BEGINNER 2: Sundays 2-3pm
This class will build off the material taught in Beginner 1, and it will be taught by Annabel and Michael Quisao from DC. Students must have take the Beginner 1 course, or have equivalent balboa experience, in order to take Beginner 2.