Supreme Spiral Success - German Wheel Workshop

December 15th
5:30-6:30pm - Supreme Spiral Success on the German Wheel with Chris Delgado $50

We'll take you from zero to hero in this topsy­turvy workshop! One of the three disciplines of wheel, spiral is the most mesmerizing and unique. You'll learn to spin, roll, and turn on one rim, while having an insanely good time! We will start with the most basic wheel manipulation (washing machine!) to gain control of the wheel. Moving on to Cowboy (straddle) spiral! Giddy­ap! With proper technique, you'll be on your way to the rodeo in no time! One­-on­-one coaching in small spiral will allow you to complete the move (and look awesome!) while staying firmly in the safety zone. WIN! Get a taste of Big Spiral! Complete large circles in the wheel, and master correct positioning for speedy, sassy, and safe spirals every time. Tackle counter­intuitive body alignment, wonky arm positioning, and head games to keep your big wheel turning. Worried about getting dizzy? Don't be. Not even an issue with spiral!

Please bring hard soled, canvas topped shoes (like Keds or Converse) for German Wheel. For questions, please email