Low Fly Aerial Dance Workshop

December 1st
1:30-3:30pm - Low Fly Aerial Dance $50

Attention to any and all students that have said: “I want to move more fluidly!”, “what do i do with my arms?” “I love the air but I have no idea what to do on the ground!”, “WHAT ARE TRANSITIONS?! HALP!!” This is the workshop for you. We will be working on how to move from ground to air and back through movement and dance. Starting with a short dance warm up to roll, turn, and move then create choreography while low to the ground. We will have a variety of apparatus available including: trapeze, lyra, sling, and fabric to better understand the relationship from ground to air. This workshop is for all levels, and especially for anyone interested in performing at a showcase. All hard apparatus will be used! Must have taken 1 session of aerial dance to participate. Taught by Tom Martin & Danielle