Beginner Fabrics Level 1

Thursdays 5/7-6/11, 6-7:15pm, $150

In this introductory class we will explore the gateway apparatus - the aerial fabrics. Each class consists of a warm up, conditioning/strength training, vocabulary and ending with stretching. We emphasize the importance of body position, muscle usage and incorporating the mind and body together to work smarter, not harder. But be prepared to work hard! You will leave this session amazed at what your body is capable doing. No experience necessary! Taught by Kelly Jo

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Skills to learn and master in Beginner Level 1 Fabrics: Aerial Dance Climb Russian Climb Layout Fountain Back Arabesque Lady in the Moon Front Arabesque Twirly Thing Butterfly Walk Over Spins Hip Key Sling Moves: -Gazelle -Peacock -Christ Hang

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