Fabric Theory and Transitions

Wednesday Oct 31-Dec 19th
6:15-7:30pm Fabric Theory and Transitions - $200 (8 weeks) $175

This new class is designed for the fabric artist that has had at least 6 months of aerial training (Beginner L4 and up)! In this class you will be learning how to look at specific aerial skills, break them down, tear them apart and rebuild to new and exciting moves! Emphasis will be on on understanding fundamentals, pathways and exploring the theory of those. PreReq - you must be able to cleanly invert! Taught by Gwynne Flanagan & Tom Martin.

In the Dark Circus Arts Refund/Cancellation Policy To receive a full refund for a class or workshop you must notify In the Dark Circus Arts at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com at least 48 hours before event starts to receive a refund. Once a class session has started no refunds will be given. There are no formal make ups for missed class, however if the student is going to be absent they need to contact us and let us know beforehand so if there is a make up option, we can make arrangements.