Sunday, 22 October 2017 05:00 PM

Handstand Foundation Workshop

Sunday October 22nd 5-7pm “Handstand Foundations” Workshop Summary: $50 Max 12 ppl

All experience levels welcome!

Get upside down and stay upside down – the goal of this workshop is to teach you what a “balanced” handstand really feels like!

During this two-hour class we will review the anatomy of a handstand, some of the best conditioning exercises to boost your strength, and multiple progressions to help you move from supported to unsupported training at home!

For those with some prior experience, we will offer the chance to try some more advanced handstand variations on our set of circus chairs and hand-balancers.

Taught by Angie Prescott

Space is limited so sign up early!


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Sunday October 22, 5-7pm

Price: $50.00

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