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Lindy 500 and the Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships

It’s time again for Baltimore’s favorite annual Lindy Hop event: Lindy 500. Two nights of live music by the Craig Gildner Big Band. Performances. Two full days of workshops. The 1st Annual Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships. The best weekend of your life.
Lindy 500 is part workshop, part celebration, part competition, and 100% chill, fun, and welcoming. THIS EVENT SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR. Register quickly.


We don’t provide class descriptions because we want to give our instructors free reign to get creative and break the standard workshop weekend mold. Instead, we schedule 4 hours of classes each day (Saturday and Sunday), with time build in for breaks, and we let the instructors let loose however they like. That said, equal or more attention is always paid to the follower role.


The Craig Gildner Big Band

The Craig Gildner Big Band is back again with an incredible twelve piece band that you can't see anywhere else. They've got new arrangements, plus a rhythm section that you can't sit down to! These days, there’s a lot of buzz about swing bands being authentic. You can’t get much more authentic than with this band! Take for example, the tools. A drum set from the late 30’s, the likes of which Gene Krupa would have approved. An iconic electric guitar from 1939. Songs from the likes of Basie, Goodman, Kirby, Jacquet, and Shaw. Clarinet features with Halley Shoenberg. Boogie and stride piano from Ammons to Waller. It’s a solid deal, babies. Craig and the band are excited to make their return to the fabulous Motown Ballroom in the city where they got their start. Get ready for a night of music custom tailored for lindy hop!


Featuring three amazing contests, the Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships is the world’s newest and grandest Lindy Hop competition.

Strictly Lindy Hop

Anyone and everyone can enter this competition with a partner and pursue glory to its highest form. Judges will be encouraged to look for skill, style, creativity, energy, engagement with the crowd, and general non-douchery (no choreography!). Prelims are on Friday night, and the finals are Saturday. The winners take all the money, though the true reward is receiving accolades from the world’s most infamous local Lindy Hop scene. 

$20/couple to enter, must have a dance pass to Lindy 500. Register below.

Solo Jazz

Enter this by yourself and dance your little heart out. This competition will happen Saturday night, and it will be a “tap in” format. Everyone will dance for a few songs, the judges will tap in the finalists, and we will immediately go into finals.

$10 to enter, and the winner takes the money. You must have a dance pass to Lindy 500. Register below.


In true Baltimore form, this competition will be bad ass and cut throat. Enter as a couple and dance until you can’t anymore. The speed will start medium, and get faster and faster. Last couple standing wins. You must be doing full out Lindy Hop. Moderators will tap you out if you stop or get lazy. It will be awesome, and everyone should enter.

The endurance comp will happen late on Saturday night, is free, and doesn't require registration. The winners each get a $50 tab at our bar (good for drinks, classes, and our weekly dances). Start training now.


Friday, August 18

7pm: Doors open at the Mobtown Ballroom for you to come in and have a drink, meditate on mortality, and get hyped to dance as an assault on the transience of all things. We recommend you come early, bond, and get settled before the chaos ensues.
8pm: Drop in beginner lesson. Bring your non-dance friends, have some drinks, or take the class and meet the people of Baltimore.
9pm: The Craig Gildner Big Band! (Strictly Lindy Competition Prelims/performances/general mayhem during breaks).
11pm: Baltimore Lindy Hop Championship Prelims
2am: Go home.

Saturday, August 19

11:30am: Doors open at Mobtown. Get checked in and get your wristband.
12:00pm-2pm: Class Block 1
2pm-3pm: LUNCH
3pm-5pm: Class Block 2
8pm: Doors open for dance (bar will be open)
9pm: Craig Gildner Big Band (Strictly finals and Solo Jazz Competition during band breaks)
2am: Go home

Sunday, August 20

11:30am: Doors open at Mobtown. Get checked in and get your wristband.
12:00pm-2pm: Class Block 1
2pm-3pm: LUNCH
3pm-5pm: Class Block 2
5pm: Get your dinner, bring it to the Ballroom, have some drinks, and dance around. This will be a chill, early party to wind down and bask in the glory and success of the weekend.


Registration opens online and at the Mobtown Ballroom bar on June 9th at 9pm. The pricing structure is as follows:

Whole Weekend (workshops and dances)

1st 20 people to register: $109
Next 25 people to register: $119
Everyone else: $129

Dance Pass (includes Friday and Saturday dances)

$39 for both dances in advance, or $25 each night at the door.

Baltimore Lindy Hop Championships

$20 per strictly couple, $10 per solo jazz, endurance is free.


Baltimore is one of the greatest cities on earth, and we are excited to host as many visitors as possible. We highly encourage our dancers to consider housing guests, and guests to stay with dancers. Please note that we can't guarantee housing, but we will do our best. Housing will close two weeks prior to the event.

Baltimore residents who are able to host guests, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/EQGXfkPTrizV0lfr1

Visitors looking for housing, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/c2zta05sa2YffakB3