Beginner Fabrics 2

Sundays 5/3-6/7
11:15-12:30pm, $125

This is the second class in the beginner series. Students who have successfully completely Beginner Fabrics Level 1 should be able to climb comfortably, hold a tuck for 10 seconds and tie a footlock in the air and have all skills completed from the Beginner Level 1 List. Our focus will continue learning more complex footlock poses, hip keys, ankle hangs and more! Please email Kelly Jo for placement questions - Taught by Patrice Woodard
It the session is sold out - please send us an email so we can get another section open for registration or put you on the waitlist! Email

Skills to be learned and mastered in Level 2 before moving on are: Double Ankle Hang Arabesque Fallen Star Lotus Inverted Split Clothes Line Vertical Split Hip Key Starfish Mermaid Coffin Rocking Horse Archer Girdle Supported Lotus Shoulder Sling Lyana Splits Beaman Sit Split Roll Up Bicycle Climb Twisted Russian (Candy Cane Climb) Basket Bight

In the Dark Circus Arts Refund/Cancellation Policy To receive a full refund for a class or workshop you must notify In the Dark Circus Arts at at least 48 hours before event starts to receive a refund. Once a class session has started no refunds will be given. There are no formal make ups for missed class, however if the student is going to be absent they need to contact us and let us know beforehand so if there is a make up option, we can make arrangements.