SESSION STARTS second week in August

Beginner Fabrics Level 5/ Intermediate Level 1

Saturdays 8/14-10/2, $200, 11:15-12:30pm

This class is designed for students that have successfully completed Beginner Fabrics Level 4 (please refer to Levels 1-4 for required skills to be mastered before joining L5) - students need instructor approval before joining this class. We will begin to learn more technically advanced tricks as we move outside of the footlocks and begin inversion training. Focus will also include choreography!

If this class is sold out - please email us to get on the waitlist at

Level 5: SKILLS: Meat Hooks Vertical Split Roll out to Mermaid Single Footlock roll up Belay Theory - make them tie it with hands Double Belay Belay Neck Hang Beats from Slip Knot Single Ankle Hang - on both fabrics Box - Shapes Harness (Known as Same Side Sit) Single Ankle hang on 1 fabric Secretariat Angel Climb Double Knee Hook Climb Dinner Rolls Star Belay Single Star Serenity Roll Pegasus Vericai Same Side Knee Hook Split to Jacknife Pike Climbs

Intermediate 1: Skin the Cat Climb Split Balances Front Balances from OPSKH Back Balance from SSKH 2 in 1 Climb Monkey Ball Climb Crotch Flower Loop Splits Stellar Russian Roll Around Salto Slack Mermaid Belay Rocking Horse Dive Back Dive Double Star Single Star with Shoefly Fan Kicks in air Tick Tock Windmills - from OppSide Knee Hook Double Serenity Roll Belay Drop Side Planche Pantalones Drop to Double Ankle Hang Drop to Double Ankle Hang from Belay Stuff it drop to hipkey Roll over to belay in knee hang

*If this class is sold out, please email us to get on the waitlist at

All students will be receiving an email from with very important documents that will need to be electronically signed and returned at least 24 hours before the start of your first class. If a student does not electronically submit their paperwork, they will not be allowed to join the class. If you are a new student and didn't receive an email, please check your junk/spam/promotions folder as sometimes our emails go there.

In the Dark Circus Arts Refund/Cancellation Policy To receive a full refund for a class or workshop you must notify In the Dark Circus Arts at before Aug 1, 2021 to receive a refund. Once a class session has started no refunds will be given. There are no formal make ups for missed class, however if the student is going to be absent they need to contact us and let us know beforehand so if there is a make up option, we can make arrangements. Due to Covid 19 - if we feel it is unsafe to continue our program, we will temporarily halt the session and then restart when it is safe to do so.


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