Beginner Fabrics Level 4

Sunday Nov 4-Dec 16 no class Nov 25
11:15-12:30pm Beginner Fabrics Level 4 - $150 (6 weeks)

This class is designed for students that have successfully completed Beginner Fabrics Level 3 (please refer to Levels 1-3 for required skills to be mastered before joining L4). We will begin to learn more technically advanced tricks as we move outside of the footlocks and begin inversion training. Focus will also include choreography!

Skills to be learning and mastered in Level 4 Hip Key Climbs Skin the Cat training Twisted Candy Cane Climb Revolving Door 1/2 Monty Variations 3/4 Monty Same & Opp Side Knee Hooks - Fabric Theory Bight hold Flag hold Tie Slipknot in air Pony Rolls Pull Overs Peter Pan Salto Concerned Dragon Scary Dragon Same Side Knee Hook Split Birds Nest in Air Figure Head Serenity Angel Rocking Horse Belay Archer Belay

In the Dark Circus Arts Refund/Cancellation Policy To receive a full refund for a class or workshop you must notify In the Dark Circus Arts at at least 48 hours before event starts to receive a refund. Once a class session has started no refunds will be given. There are no formal make ups for missed class, however if the student is going to be absent they need to contact us and let us know beforehand so if there is a make up option, we can make arrangements.