Beginner Fabric Level 3

Sundays April 7th - May 12th 11;15-12:30pm Beginner Fabric L3 - $150

In this higher level beginner class we begin to explore the wonderful world of inversions, fabric theory and lastly choreography. Emphasis will be placed on set routines each week to help build endurance and to find that natural flare that lives inside each and everyone of us! You must have mastered all skills that are listed in the Beginner Level 1 and 2 classes before joining Level 3 or instructor approval is required for this class. Please email Kelly Jo at with any questions.

Skills to learn and master in Level 3: Winder Uneven Splits Eggbeater Wraps Hip Key - Spin Flyer Hip Key Thread Through 1/2 Monty Sit up and somersault way out Full Monty Cross back straddle - Pull apart method Georgia Twist Cross back Descent Alabama Slammer Slipknot 360 Emma Sit Flying Eagle Crochet Crochet to Christ Hang Crochet Sit Elevator Descent Froggy Climb Big Russian Climb Elsie Roll Up Standard Belay VanLoo Plinko Knee Drop

In the Dark Circus Arts Refund/Cancellation Policy To receive a full refund for a class or workshop you must notify In the Dark Circus Arts at at least 48 hours before event starts to receive a refund. Once a class session has started no refunds will be given. There are no formal make ups for missed class, however if the student is going to be absent they need to contact us and let us know beforehand so if there is a make up option, we can make arrangements.