SESSION STARTS second week in August

Advanced Lindy Hop

Lindy 3 happens Mondays, 7-8pm, Aug 9 - Sept 13.

We're going to push you in this class, and ask that you be ready to practice outside of the hour-per-week. The goal is not only to learn choreography, but to engage with some tricky but social-danceable material. It will be awesome.

***Audition required. Please talk to Mobtown Ballroom staff to set up an audition, and see the list below for what will be covered:

Six count basic
Six count tuck turn
Six inside
Six pull by
Three open swingouts and a circle
1 charleston
enter kick throughs 2 of em
enter hand to hand
exit hand to hand
outside turn
inside turn
Texas Tommy
Mini dip.
2 straight ahead swing outs
around the world with points
Double tuck turn
3 sugar pushes
two handed six count tuck escape
six count inside turn
S turn
Two tandem
Push out exit
Pass by
One swing out from open
One swing out with scissor kicks at end
Six count circle
Six count popturn
Three swing outs with kick aways
Johnny Drop


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